Ducharme mix
The ROCKBURN pattern consists of very tall (installed height from 9inches to 15 inches) seam face jumpers. For a noble, prestigious, and robust style. Regular guillotined ashlar sticks are integrated into the mix to add a touch of variety. As the sticks and jumpers expose different faces of the stone, the textures and natural grains of the stone are truly highlighted.
Foundation footing options

- Variable 3in.1/2 - 5in.1/2

(full thickness building stone)

- Variable 1in.1/4 - 1in.1/2

(thinstone veneer)

Colour options
Marbled Yellow
Shown Colour Mix: Shore
Shown Colour Mix: Shore
Shown Colour Mix: Shore

Important: Our photos and samples provide a general overview of the color and texture of our products. Natural stone is very unique and presents variations in tones, colors, veining and textures. That’s Ducharme’s irresistible natural charm!