Ducharme mix
The HAVELOCK pattern incorporates regular and thinner (installed height) guillotined seam face jumpers, along with regular and taller (installed height) guillotined ashlar sticks. As the sticks and jumpers expose different faces of the stone, the variations in textures and natural grains of the stone are truly highlighted.
Foundation footing options

- Variable 3in.1/2 - 5in.1/2

(full thickness building stone)

- Variable 1in.1/4 - 1in.1/2

(thinstone veneer)

Colour options
Marbled Yellow
Shown Colour Mix: Chalet
Shown Colour Mix: Chalet
Shown Colour Mix: Chalet

Important: Our photos and samples provide a general overview of the color and texture of our products. Natural stone is very unique and presents variations in tones, colors, veining and textures. That’s Ducharme’s irresistible natural charm!